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Incorporation Video Series – Start Here

Incorporation Video Series - Start Here
February 13, 2020

Incorporation Video Series – Start Here –  Incorporating can be of great benefit to your business but it can also be a little scary.  At CorpCo we pride ourselves on our super friendly and knowledgeable staff.  While we cannot provide legal advice we can share options and procedures and help you feel more comfortable during … Continued

How to Use a Corporate Seal

Corporate Seal embosser with storage pouch.
February 12, 2020

Make it official by affixing your corporate seal to signatures and documentation. The corporate seal is one of the tools most companies use over and over again.  Corporate seals are most commonly offered either “hand press” (a metal seal that when clamped to a document creates a raised embossed impression of the company’s date of … Continued

Not Sure Where to Start? Start Here – INC 101

Diagram of the business start-up process
January 22, 2020

Are you thinking about forming a corporation or LLC?  Not sure where to start? Start with this checklist: Check business name availability: Choose a first and second choice of name for your business, preferably one that clearly defines its function while allowing your organization to stand out from the competition. Make sure you check its … Continued

Understanding the Corporate Kit

Deluxe Corporate Kit with contents and various colors available
January 20, 2020

Also known as “record keeping 101” the corporate kit is a must-have for new corporations and LLC formations. One of the most important things a company must do to stay in compliance and good standing is to keep required records.  After forming a corporation or LLC (Limited Liability Company), documentation of company procedure and general … Continued

Checklist to use when forming a corporation – INC 101

Business Checklist
July 27, 2015

Incorporation is a big step and it helps to have support from a knowledgeable Incorporation Service Company. Most times you can complete the entire process within a few short weeks and many times quicker. If you’re thinking about forming a corporation or LLC, the checklist below can help you be well-prepared for the process. Decide … Continued