How to Use a Corporate Seal

February 12, 2020
Corporate Seal embosser with storage pouch.
Make it official by affixing your corporate seal to signatures and documentation.

The corporate seal is one of the tools most companies use over and over again.  Corporate seals are most commonly offered either “hand press” (a metal seal that when clamped to a document creates a raised embossed impression of the company’s date of incorporation/formation and state it is domesticated in) OR a “push stamp” (a self inking rubber stamp that is pressed quickly on documents to provide this information as a flat ink stamp).

CorpCo provides the “hand press” seal in all of our corporate kits, (pictured here) as well as offer this seal as a stand alone piece for ordering. 

While most states do not require a seal, it is commonly used on documents signed for (or representing) on behalf of the company.  Examples of these types of documents are as follows:

  • Stock/interest certificates
  • Minutes from company meetings
  • Resolutions
  • Company contracts, agreements and bills of sale
  • Banking resolutions

The corporate seal has many benefits when used on company documents. It proves documents are authentic. Additionally, the seal makes sure that documents are not easily forged.

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