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There are various circumstances from time to time for which you may be tasked with document retrieval in order to provide proof of your company’s existence or status. For example, in order to register to do business in some states, you may be required to provide supporting documents with your application.  Some banks may also request proof of existence or status before granting a loan.  Furthermore, if your company owns real estate there are many circumstances which may result in the need for proof of existence. You might be also be asked to make a document request for a variety of other reasons.

The most common way to show that a company exists is by providing a filed copy of the company formation.  For further verification, you may need to provide a good standing certificate or certificate of existence. You will find these documents in the filing office of the state of registration.

Knowing which documents should be retrieved and where to get them can be complicated. You can count on CorpCo® to take the stress out of your document retrieval needs. CorpCo® provides document retrieval services and can assist with document retrieval in any state in the US or from the District of Columbia.

Additionally, CorpCo® provides document legalization services for those documents for use in other countries.


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