Quality Care

Just as you should expect from any service provider, when you choose CorpCo®, you are choosing to receive the highest quality of care and attention to detail. CorpCo’s highly trained representatives work hard to ensure that your filings and other requests are handled with care and efficiency. We pride ourselves in our speedy response time to queries and in the fact that our phones are answered by real people, not an automated system.


CorpCo® was started by two attorneys in 1994 in order to serve the incorporating needs of their own clientele. With their guidance and the support of a good team, the company has grown and now stands on its own merits. Our team of representatives is trained and managed by our Director of Operations who has 20+ years of experience working in the incorporation service industry, the last 15 of which were focused on the needs of internationally based clientele. You can rest assured that you are in highly qualified hands when you choose CorpCo®!

In this day of instant gratification, most people don’t want to wait around long for a response. Don’t wait for hours or days to get the reply you are looking for! At CorpCo®, our aim is to respond to all messages received during normal business hours via our Contact form and those sent directly to representatives within an hour of receipt. If we are unable to give a detailed reply within that time frame, a reply is sent confirming receipt and with an indication of when to expect the detailed reply.

Personal Attention
Ever feel like you’re dealing with a robot that only has one goal in mind and that goal is to finish the job and get rid of you? Not with CorpCo®. To us, you’re more than another pile of paperwork. Our clients are very important to us and we are always interested to be a part of their entrepreneurial endeavors. Our friendly and courteous service and our desire to exceed our clients’ expectations separates us from the rest! Don’t believe us? Just ask our clients! You’ll see their comments popping up all around our site.

CorpCo® is in a constant state of evolution, growing and changing along with industry standards while constantly maintaining a solid foundation based on years of experience. As the world changes, we too must modify and improve our processes and understanding regarding our clients’ needs. CorpCo’s global network of clients and other providers lends itself to ensuring that we are constantly aware of those needs and are able to provide the services needed.


Due Diligence
CorpCo® implements risk control procedures and balances through due diligence of all clients. CorpCo® respects the confidentiality of all clients, but we are committed to undertaking full and thorough due diligence of our clients’ identities, residence and nature of their businesses.

During this process it is not unusual for exploratory conversations to take place between CorpCo® and our clients, however, no services are provided until such time as clients meet our due diligence procedures so we can confirm that we know who our beneficial client is and what services they require. We provide execution only services in facilitating company structures and we do not give investment, legal or tax advice of any nature. In the event that services are provided to a client, that client confirms that they have undertaken their own tax or legal advice in the relevant jurisdictions.

Rest assured knowing your personal data will never be shared with anyone for any reason unless we are legally required to do so.

For more information, please review our Privacy Policy.


CorpCo® makes every effort to inform its clients regarding requirements to keep and maintain their company in active/compliant status in the jurisdiction where the company has been incorporated or registered. Any notifications from the state are sent to our clients by regular mail immediately upon receipt in our office. In addition, our system is set up in such a way that registered agent services are due for renewal on or around the same date on which annual report or other non-tax related compliance filing/payments are due. As a result and in addition to the immediate notification from the state, our clients are sent a special notification by email up to 60 days in advance of that due date and again 30 days before the due date (the same time at which the paper notice is sent by mail). Our online or paper renewal ordering process includes the option to have CorpCo® handle the required compliance filings on behalf of the client if so desired. It is our goal to take the guesswork out of the process for our clients.


CorpCo’s position on unusual or more difficult requests is never to say: “We don’t do that.” Rather, CorpCo® will first make an effort to find a solution that satisfies the needs of the client even if that solution results in outsourcing or making a referral to another reputable company. If you can imagine a service that can be associated with a corporation, we’ve been asked to provide it. In addition, our experience in dealing with clients located all over the world lends itself to finding appropriate solutions and to a better understanding of what exactly the clients’ needs may be.

Global Reach

Looking to register a company in Seychelles? We can do that! Our experience in company formation and maintenance extends outside of the US to jurisdictions all over the world! Some of the many jurisdictions in which we are able to provide these services are:

  • British Virgin Islands
  • Cyprus
  • Marshall Islands
  • Mauritius
  • Panama
  • United Kingdom

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