A plain or file-stamped copy is a copy of any filing submitted and subsequently approved by the state. The document will bear a stamp or other indication of successful filing.  The stamp usually reflects a file number and date of filing. The file-stamped copy is the basic form of filing evidence that is returned for all formation/filing requests.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can CorpCo obtain a Plain Copy if the filing requested was not processed by CorpCo?

Yes. CorpCo can obtain plain copies of any public filing of record from any state in the US as well as from the District of Columbia.

How long does it take to obtain a Plain Copy?

The processing time depends on the state from which the certificate is being obtained. A plain copy can generally be obtained in 5-7 business days with routine processing service, but turnaround times may also vary if a state is experiencing a processing backlog. The turnaround time can be reduced if you choose our Express Processing service.

Why might I need a Plain Copy?

The most common reason that a plain (file-stamped) copy of a filing is needed is to replace a filing that has been misplaced or lost. It is a good idea to keep track of all company records by placing filed copies of formation or registration documents as well as any subsequent filings (amendments, mergers, change of registered agent, etc.) in the minute book of the company.