Month: May 2014

Small business owners should plan to handle a variety of responsibilities

May 29, 2014

There are many factors that go into managing a small business. While owning your own business comes with inherent challenges, it also carries many benefits, notably, increased flexibility and freedom. If you are considering starting your own business, it's a good idea to think ahead about what your responsibilities might look like once your business is up and running and begins to ... Read More

Risk is an inherent part of running a small business, but can be minimized

May 29, 2014

Entrepreneurs are commonly thought of as being risk-takers. After all, the willingness to take risks may lead to big opportunity, innovation and the creation of something new. However, uncalculated risks can be detrimental to business. For many entrepreneurs, this means having to find a way to cope with uncertainty while developing a business venture. 

Deciding to go down the entr... Read More

How to develop an idea that will set your business apart

May 28, 2014

For those seeking to start their own small business, finding a unique aspect that differentiates a new business from its competitors is an essential factor that will help create a successful venture. There may be many companies out there already that provide similar services, but those who are able to fill a niche in the market may be able to create a business that stands apart.

What c... Read More

How a difficult situation can lead to a great business idea

May 27, 2014

For some individuals, the desire to be an entrepreneur is something they are born with. Having a vision, tenacity, belief in oneself and a willingness to defy convention are some of the traits of successful entrepreneurs. 

As we've discussed previously, entrepreneurs and vetera... Read More

National Small Business Week highlights important role of veterans in business

May 27, 2014

We've often emphasized on this blog how veterans have the skills necessary to become entrepreneurs. In light of National Small Business Week and Memorial Day, the spotlight shines on veterans, who through their experience in the military possess many of the traits that make successful small business owners.

In fact, a recent Entrepreneur article Read More

How will location affect my business?

May 22, 2014

When it comes to your business plan, location may matter more than you think. If you're considering stating a new business, location should factor into the equation. 

Of course, the type of company you are running will play a role in determining the best location for your business. Think about where you might run your business out of. A home office? A storefront? An online bu... Read More

Three considerations for first time business owners

May 20, 2014

When starting a new business, many challenges will spring up along the way. These potential pitfalls could cause a setback for new business owners, but being aware of what you are up against may help avoid common mistakes.

Especially for first time business owners, problems may arise that could hinder progress. Checking for Read More

For veterans searching for work, starting a business can be a great alternative

May 19, 2014

For veterans transitioning back into the civilian workforce, finding a job can sometimes be a challenge. For this reason, the government has developed a new website to help link veterans with potential employers. 

First Lady Michelle Obama recently announced the creation of the Veterans Employment Center website, which allows veterans to research the types of jobs that might ... Read More

Delaware to increase franchise taxes for LLCs and corporations

May 14, 2014

Companies incorporated in Delaware will soon have to pay higher fees and taxes. As so many businesses are incorporated in Delaware, these changes will have a nationwide impact.

According to the News Journal, Delaware Governor Jack Markell is planning spending c... Read More

New business owners can learn a lot from seasoned entrepreneurs

May 12, 2014

For first time small business owners, there's a lot of learning that takes place along the path of creating and promoting a new business. Fortunately, there's also a lot to be gained from the experiences of other entrepreneurs that may help first timers be successful. For new entrepreneurs, it's important to remember to stay balanced and take steps that will ensure your busine... Read More