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For entrepreneurs, sometimes the long way to success is best

April 14, 2014
Running a business is exciting, but rushing things and cutting corners can put the most motivated entrepreneurs at a disadvantage. Sometimes entrepreneurs face an opportunity that is too good to be true when starting out. The question is, should they take the opportunity? Unfortunately good fortune can turn out to be a pitfall if hasty actions take place. The road to success is long and ther... Read More

Opportunity abounds for educational startups

April 07, 2014
Innovation starts with a great idea, and a great idea can be the foundation of a successful startup venture. When your great business idea begins to take hold and show promise, there could be financial backers that want to fund it and see it come to fruition. If you have an effective solution to a common problem, there's probably a place in the market for you. Currently, the education sector... Read More

Maine issues solicitation alert to corporations

April 03, 2014

Business owners should always be on alert for potential illegitimate correspondence and fraudulent offers. Recently, Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap issued a warning to corporations and non-profit entities after numerous Maine corporations received solicitations from a compa... Read More

Last minute tax tips for small business owners

April 03, 2014
Tax time can be stressful for small business owners juggling multiple responsibilities, especially with the April 15 deadline looming. With just a couple of weeks to go, there's still time to get your taxes done. If you've kept track of your financial records throughout the year, you may find yourself in good shape. The good news is there's still time to prepare your taxes, and to avoid some co... Read More

Asking questions can be good for business

April 02, 2014
For entrepreneurs starting a new business, the future is wide open and full of possibility. An inspired idea may be enough to get you going. However, in order to build a strong business you will have to ask a lot of questions along the way. Asking questions can do a lot for your business, according to a recent Inc. Read More

Why you need a Federal Tax ID Number

March 31, 2014
If you're just starting a business, there are several important steps you must take to make sure your business is in compliance with government requirements. One important step is to obtain your Employer Identification Number (EIN), which is also called a Federal Tax ID Number. This is the nine-digit number that is assigned to your business for tax purposes. This number is used by the IRS to id... Read More

Small business success: tips to get started

March 27, 2014
Starting a business can be as exciting as it is challenging. Entrepreneurs face a lot of risk and uncertainty, especially in the initial days of starting up. Fortunately there's a lot of opportunity for those willing to take the risk to start their own business today. Having the right knowledge can help prepare you for success when you're just starting out. First, it's a good idea to incorpo... Read More

Things to consider when forming an LLC

March 26, 2014
Created under state law, an LLC affords the protections that keep you safe from personal liability. The benefit of this is that your business can receive the same limited liability protections a corporation receives, but it is an easier process to attain LLC status and an LLC offers the flexibility of a partnership. If you are thinking about forming an LLC, here are some considerations to bear ... Read More

Big companies can learn a thing or two from startups

March 25, 2014
It might seem counterintuitive that a big company would be interested in being more like a smaller company, especially when startups are striving to reach that higher level of success. So, what are startups doing that bigger companies should emulate? A recent article in Entrepreneur discusses the idea that bigger companies, while they may have greater resources, are slower to grow. As the ar... Read More

For small businesses hard work can get you everywhere

March 24, 2014
When running a small business, many entrepreneurs have the goal of eventually selling their product to a big company. But how do they reach this goal? The Associated Press recently reported that many small business owners accomplish their goal of being picked up by larger companies by doing things the old-fashioned way. This means lots of traveling and face-to-face meetings with companies to... Read More