Annual Renewal FAQs

It’s one less thing for you to worry about. When you request CorpCo’s service to file the annual report, you save an extra step in the renewal process. You need only submit the request for renewal to us and both the Registered Agent Service and the annual report are taken care of in one step. As long as you submit your request before the due date, we will take the steps to ensure that the report is filed in a timely manner and that the proper information is provided so that you do not incur any late fees or penalties for failure to file on time. If anything should go wrong in this instance, CorpCo will take the measures to ensure that the matter is resolved at no additional cost to you. When you request the full renewal service from CorpCo, you can save time and money!
As a matter of proper due diligence processes, CorpCo would like to know the relevant details for all companies for which it provides registered agent services. In addition, if you are requesting our service to file an annual report with the state where the company is registered, it is important that we provide the state with the most recently updated information. If you submit your company renewal via our online renewal form, you may simply review and make necessary corrections to the previously provided data before submitting your payment. If paying by mail, any corrections may be handwritten on the company details page of your renewal form.
Please contact us with the details of the company to be renewed and we’ll send a payment authorization for credit card payment or ACH (eCheck) payment that can be faxed or mailed to our office. Alternatively, payment by certified check or money order can be submitted via our address as indicated on the invoice. When submitting your payment offline, please be sure to reference the company name and/or invoice number so that we may properly apply your payment.
The email notifications that CorpCo sends reminding you of your pending renewal will contain a link specifically for the payment of that company’s renewal. The link will take you to a secure payment area within our EntityManager system. Your company name and invoice number will be indicated on the right hand side of the page. If the details are accurate, simply choose your payment method and provide the details. This link will also be included on the paper version of your notice.
State laws require all corporations to maintain a registered address with the Secretary of State. In most cases, the registered address must be located within the state of registration. The person or company located at that address, known as the Registered Agent, must remain available during all business hours. A Registered Agent receives and forwards important legal documents and state correspondence on behalf of the business. In some states the registered agent must also sign the incorporation papers before they can be filed with the Secretary of State. You require an address that meets all legal requirements. The registered agent for a business must be physically located in the state of incorporation and be available during normal business hours to accept important documents as they are delivered. If you are incorporating in a state where you do not have a physical address, and/or you are often out of the office, or work irregular business hours, you will be unable to act as your own registered agent. Peace of mind. States impose ongoing requirements, such as annual report filings and franchise tax payments, on the businesses incorporated there. Business compliance matters are not likely to be your area of expertise, but they are ours. As your registered agent CorpCo will help you stay in compliance with state requirements for your corporation/LLC, avoid unnecessary state penalty fees and maintain your company's good standing in your state of incorporation and/or qualification. Privacy is important to you. The registered agent is part of the public record and easily found when searching business records. Many business owners do not want their names easily accessible. In addition, in the event that a corporation receives Service of Process, it may be delivered by local law enforcement. Having police officers present at your place of business and in front of customers, is not desirable and using CorpCo as your registered agent avoids this potential embarrassment.
Your company may become void, forfeited, revoked, or simply cease to be in good standing. In addition, there will be additional penalties and interest for late renewal from both the state and from your registered agent. CorpCo provides you with a notice regarding renewal beginning 90 days before the due date and, by the time the due date arrives, you should have received 2-3 different notices regarding the renewal. Therefore, all companies not renewed by the due date will result in the addition of late fees. Some states may have grace periods, but many of them do not. If you think you may have missed a payment for renewal or if your company has ceased to be in good standing, please contact our office immediately.
You will receive a notification regarding the due date of your renewal approximately 90 days before the due date. You can also check the next renewal date by logging into your account and following the top navigation to “My Companies”, choosing the company in question, and checking the “Next Payment Date” at the bottom of the screen for “General Information”.