Service of Process FAQs

If an email address has been provided, CorpCo will always email the legal contact person of the company being served to inform them of the item received and inform them of the method of shipment. If CorpCo has not been provided with an email address, we will call or fax the contact provided on the account. The SOP will then be sent via certified mail or by courier (FedEx, UPS, or DHL). ** It is very important to notify CorpCo of any change of the legal notices contact person, contact address, email, or phone number immediately when it changes.
Before receiving SOP, CorpCo will search the company name within our records and with the State in which the company is registered to determine if the information regarding the entity being served is accurate. The main reasons why CorpCo would not receive SOP are:
  • If the name is not accurately presented on the SOP and does not appear in our records (and/or the Secretary of State data base)
  • CorpCo is not currently acting as the company’s registered agent.
  • The company has been dissolved and we have no current point of contact for the company.