Month: November 2014

The importance of establishing routines when starting your own business

November 12, 2014

When you work a typical corporate job, your day is filled with routines. You get to work around the same time. You get coffee and you go to lunch in a similar pattern every day. You have specific tasks that you have to complete every day and you probably have an internal schedule that dictates when you do most of your work. It's easy to get settled and comfortable when you have someone ... Read More

Why the latest jobs report should influence you to start and incorporate your own business

November 10, 2014

The latest jobs report was released today, and according to the Department of Labor, nonfarm payrolls grew a seasonally adjusted 214,000 last month. This was the latest in a stretch of months in which the economy added more than 200,000 jobs, a streak that dates back to February. It is the longest run this country has seen since 1995, according to the Wall Street Journal. Furthermore, the un... Read More

Before starting your own business, ask yourself ‘why?’

November 06, 2014

While there are several areas of concern you must consider before deciding to quit your job and start your own business, the most important thing to do is ask yourself one simple question: "Why?&quo... Read More

Quitting your job and starting a new business? Here’s now to make the transition work

November 05, 2014

Quitting your nine-to-five and becoming your own boss is an exciting proposition. It's also scary. Making a successful transition takes hard work, a lot of luck and strategic planning. So before you hand in your resignation letter, there are plenty of things to think about. A recent Forbes article listed eight things to know about making the switch from working a regular job to starting... Read More

Tips for naming your startup

November 04, 2014

You've figured out what product or service your startup will provide, where your funding will come from and how many employees you'll need to hire to get your business off the ground. All you need now is to name it.

While it may seem like a simple task, giving a business a unique and memorable name often poses a significant challenge for small business owners — and it&#... Read More

An angel investor’s tips for raising startup funds

November 03, 2014

One aspect of starting a small business that tends to intimidate aspiring entrepreneurs is the need to find the money to cover startup costs and stay afloat early on. Angel investor and author Prema Gupta, who began putting money into startups after selling her own, shared with FOXBusiness these tips for making your business model attractive to potential investors: