Month: April 2014

Last minute tax tips for small business owners

April 03, 2014

Tax time can be stressful for small business owners juggling multiple responsibilities, especially with the April 15 deadline looming. With just a couple of weeks to go, there’s still time to get your taxes done.

Asking questions can be good for business

April 02, 2014

For entrepreneurs starting a new business, the future is wide open and full of possibility. An inspired idea may be enough to get you started, but in order to build a strong business you will have to be willing to ask a lot of questions along the way.

The importance of choosing a strong company name

April 01, 2014

When you’re starting a business, the name you choose might be more important than you think. Your business name is a very important representation of what your company does and can have a major influence on its success.