Why you need a registered agent

September 29, 2014

If you’re planning to incorporate your business, you probably have a few questions about your options and which type of business entity will be right for you. Whether you’re a first time business owner or a serial entrepreneur, the structure you choose will help establish the foundation for your venture.

One important aspect of incorporation that you should be aware of is the registered agent. If you’re a first-timer, you may be wondering what it is and what they do. Here is a quick rundown on why you need a registered agent.

They represent you. Most states require that you have a registered agent in the state where you formed your company. Their purpose is to receive correspondence from the Secretary of State.  They also receive official notifications, service of process notices and other official documents on behalf of your company. You have full freedom to focus on your business. You can rest assured the registered agent is there to handle any documentation that arrives.

They help ensure you don’t miss any important details.  A registered agent is there to make sure your company does not miss any important documentation. If you form your business in a state other than the one it is physically located in, you must have an agent in each state where your company conducts business. In the event that your business is served service of process, the agent will accept it on your behalf. This allows you to keep business matters private.

You can legally be your own registered agent, however, it is recommended you have a third party handle this role. A trusted online incorporation services company can answer any questions you have about incorporating your business and selecting a registered agent.