Why company websites are important for small businesses

June 11, 2014

There’s a lot that factors into starting a small business. After developing a solid business plan, securing the necessary funding and incorporating your business, the real work of growing a thriving venture begins. Having a superior product and excellent customer service are two aspects of a successful company. But as we have mentioned previously, marketing and promoting is key to attracting and retaining a loyal customer base.

One of the most important elements of marketing for small businesses is to have a strong company website. Despite this, over half of small businesses don’t, according to an article from the Associated Press. Google and Ipsos surveyed over 3,800 small businesses in 2013. They determined that 55 percent of those surveyed did not have a website.

According to the article, some small business owners believe they do not have the time or budget for a website. In addition, the prospect of a sudden number of increased orders is a deterrent. However, a website can be a great way to draw in business and boost sales.

While it might seem like a natural progression to want to drive sales as much as possible, not all small business owners feel the same way. For example, a business owner who sells goods at a farmer’s market told the Associated Press that he was already “maxed out,” and expanding his business any further would be too much.

Ultimately, for those looking to grow their business, a website is a key component. As the Small Business Administration (SBA) notes, 97 percent of consumers go online to search for local services and products. Therefore, small business owners interested in attracting more customers should consider creating a website.