When starting your business, seek help when needed, but create your own path

November 24, 2014

You don’t have to go it alone when you start your own company. We’re not talking about starting with a partner, although that’s certainly common. Even if you’re running your business on your own, you should still make use of all available resources. That might even mean following someone else’s path.

When we do anything difficult (and starting your own company is certainly up there) we look for outside inspiration. It provides a path for us to follow. An article in the Brisbane Times addresses this idea.

“For those looking to start a new business or are in the early days of their new business empire, it’s important to align yourself with a ‘star’ you can shadow and look up to as a mentor,” writes Vince Frost, the article’s author. “This is something I didn’t do at the beginning of my career and it resulted in a lot of lost time, money and energy. Think of it as leapfrogging through time as learning from mentors is irreplaceable. It’s important to learn from everyone you possibly can so seek out different types of mentors as knowledge is power in the business world.”

That’s not to say your company should stay in the shadow of its inspiration. Ultimately, you’ll have to create your own path and find your own niche. But there’s nothing wrong with seeking assistance early on, as it can help guide you towards success. Moreover, seeking help with other important business matters is incredibly important. Learning how to incorporate will also help guide your business in its early days while putting it in position to blaze its own trail.