What is a registered agent? [Video]

February 24, 2015


If you have considered forming a corporation you know that businesses interested in incorporating or creating an LLC must specify a registered agent for their company — but what does that service really get you?

A registered agent is a person physically located in your particular state of incorporation who receives important legal and tax documents on behalf of your business. These can include important mail sent by the state, such as annual reports or statements, tax documents, or a Service of Process, the document which initiates litigation.

In certain instances if paperwork is not served to you in a timely fashion, especially in the case of a lawsuit, you could end up losing your business protection status altogether. A registered agent service is your first line of defense against such possibilities.

In Delaware, corporations and LLC’s must appoint and pay a registered agent fee if they are not actually located there. At CorpCo we offer a great discount to people who transfer over to our service. If you are thinking about changing your agent, get in touch today!