The importance of creating a must-have product

August 21, 2014

When an entrepreneur spots a need for a product or service that isn’t being filled, it could lead to a great business idea. There are lots of businesses that address similar needs, but what sets the most successful ones apart?

As Entrepreneur contributor Thomas Oppong points out, having the best solution is one of the challenges that entrepreneurs face, as it can be the factor that leads a business to success. With so many options available, a product that really differentiates itself from the competition will likely carry a great appeal.

But how can small business owners achieve this goal? As Oppong explains, the key lies in creating a product that is a “must-have”. Some products might be nice to have, but that may not be enough to drive a consumer to make a purchase. However, if they feel that they have to have your product to solve their problem, that’s a different story.

“What is the one painful problem you can solve without struggle? To grab your customer’s attention, start by solving their needs, wants rarely make the cut. If your product is not a must-have, you could find a way to repurpose it to solve a pressing need. If you have been able to identify a crucial problem that you can effectively execute and deliver to market, you will be able to create a real business that matters,” writes Oppong.

Should you be able to offer a solution that can solve an important pain point or customer need, you’ll be well on your way to making great strides with your business. If you’re considering incorporating your business, an online incorporation services company can answer any questions you may have.