Startup aims to help veterans secure funding for business ventures

June 02, 2014

As we have frequently emphasized on this blog, veterans posses many of the same skills that make for successful entrepreneurs. For some veterans looking to enter the workforce, starting a small business may be a viable option worth considering.

In fact, CorpCo recognizes the potential that veterans have to become successful small business owners, as we are supporters of V-WISE, a program that helps women veterans succeed, and additionally we are partnered with the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, which is the national headquarters for the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV) program.

With any venture, raising the capital needed to get started can be a challenge. Fortunately there are many ways to go about acquiring business funds, from loans, to angel investors. 

In fact, a recent Forbes article discusses a startup called VetCap, that has been specifically created to help veteran entrepreneurs find the resources they need to start their business. The company hosts programs to link veterans with the resources they need.

According to the article, the idea has received positive response from veterans attending the initial workshop it offered. VetCap advisory board member Craig Hanson told Forbes, "the response from the veterans community was amazing. Veterans were passing the news around, and some even flew in for the event. Originally we hoped to get 30 veteran entrepreneurs to attend; we ended up with a packed house of 80 people." 

The creation of this company to help veterans acquire funding highlights the role that is waiting for veterans in the small business world. Veterans looking for ways to fund their venture can also check out the loan opportunities available from the Small Business Administration.

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