Start your own business by taking baby steps

December 17, 2014

As young children, we don’t start running around before we learn to crawl. We follow a gradual process that includes crawling, standing up and moving slowly before we develop the motor skills necessary for regular movement. We don’t start conversations with people before learning the fundamentals of sound and understand how to put words together. At our youngest age, we understand that big life moments take time, and we should never lose that mindset. So, when starting your own company, you must understand that you have to take baby steps along the way.

This helps because starting your own business can be intimidating. There is so much to do to get your company off the ground. If you focus on the small stuff first, you will be in better position for long-term success. An article in the Huffington Post addressed this earlier this month and listed five steps to help alleviate the fear of starting a business. One was to start small by handling the easy stuff first.

“One of the most intimidating aspects of starting a new venture or taking a more entrepreneurial attitude at work can be taking that first step,” writes John Tarnoff, the article’s author. “We think that this step has to be something monumental — a big gesture to prove that we are making a change. Wrong! As the old Chinese proverb says, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. If we try to take too big a step, we will likely not take it at all. Make a list of all of the possible things you could do right now to set yourself on this path.”

One important first step is learning how to incorporate your business. Doing this will take care of a crucial task and get you set up for bigger steps in the future.