Private jets could actually save money

January 29, 2014

When people think of private jets, they tend to think about swank. As compared to commercial flight, they have a reputation as being consummately wasteful, the travel choice of the carelessly prodigal. They certainly aren’t talked about as thrifty very often.

But maybe they should be.

Aircraft incorporation isn’t for every company, but for the ones that can benefit from it, the advantages can be astounding. In addition to those that are well-publicized, such as comfort, style and prestige, there are a variety of economic ones. Because there is so much extra space, you can get work done while you travel, and have any confidential or sensitive conversations without fear of prying eyes. For many professionals, this is a handy feature. For a busy manager with limited time, this ability can be invaluable.

In addition, there are many more airports that can accept private jets than can safely land commercial ones. Instead of needing a huge staff and a long runway, you can fly from and to smaller spots, saving you travel. Plus, you don’t have to waste valuable time going through long airport security lines that have Draconian regulations and sometimes-overmatched employees.

You’ll even get there faster. Since private jets aren’t as big and heavy as commercial planes, they can fly faster. Higher, too: they generally cruise at an altitude that lets them bypass traffic altogether, which means that you may be able to avoid taking a detour or waiting in a holding pattern when another plane crosses in front of your path.

In business, time is money. Under the right circumstances, an aircraft incorporation can save you both.