Meet CorpCo – Assistant Director of Operations – Gabriela (Gaby) Fajardo 

April 20, 2020

Meet CorpCo – Assistant Director of Operations – Gabriela (Gaby) Fajardo

How long you have been with CorpCo – 8 years in August – I handle a little of everything in the office and I am proud to work directly with our spanish speaking clients (and potential clients) – I love helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams through incorporating their busines


Favorite part of our business – I love that I am communicating with clients from all over the world every day. It still fascinates me that I am able help people from all over the world start their business. It makes my job fun!

Fun Stuff About Gaby – My current passion is following my 2 year old son everywhere and seeing the world through his eyes. I also love to cook and dance.   And, I am fluent in Spanish as my first language.

UPDATE – Gaby and her husband welcomed their second (darling) son this past March!

To contact Gaby email to (After May 31st as she is currently on maternity leave)

Si prefiere hablar con un representante o tiene otras preguntas, por favor comuníquese con nuestra oficina al 800-318-7407 y pida hablar con Gabriela!

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