Making a winning business pitch

February 11, 2015

The number one goal of a business pitch is to get people to fall in love with the idea of your company. For entrepreneurs, like any creative minds, this can be a nerve-wracking prospect. You have spent weeks, months, if not years, developing your idea. It is as precious to you as a novel is to an author. Standing up in front of an audience whose only job is to judge your idea, and judge it ruthlessly, can be terrifying. Here are some tips to help give you an edge over the competition when you finally pitch your brilliant concept:

Hook them:

Business pitches are often short and sweet, so you need to make sure you get your audience’s attention early. Grab them with a hook they can’t ignore — an impressive statistic about your company, a cool fact about your product or idea. Clearly tell people what your company is about and why they should care about it at the start. Strong beginnings are essential to successful pitches.

Hold back on data:

Don’t overwhelm your listeners with difficult to decipher data and stats. Too much information all at once only serves to confuse. Most business pitches are followed up by question and answer sessions, where you can go in depth if audience members need you to.

Simple is smart: 

Complicated speech and technical terms are the easiest ways to force judges or potential investors to lose interest. If people don’t understand what you are talking about they are not going to be able to support your idea. Instead of trying to impress with your vocabulary focus on painting a clear and simple picture of your business idea.

Look the part:

With entrepreneurs starting out young it is not uncommon to see business pitches conducted in jeans and a t-shirt. Of course, it is better not to test your luck when it comes to your audience. Dress neatly and professionally, from head to toe.

Whether you are pitching your business idea soon or have already crossed the hurdle it is important to keep moving forward. Talk to a register agent service and learn about incorporating your business as soon as possible, so you are never in danger of falling behind.