How to get more work done, even without the office

March 06, 2014

One of the primary things that a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with is a lack of oversight. When you’re working for somebody else, there’s a large amount of built-in structure: coworkers, a manager and, likely, an office of some sort. For some people, that last one is a big deal: working from home can prove to be a distraction that leads to low productivity.

However, especially in the early days of a company, you will likely have to do at least some of your business outside of the office setting. Thus, it’s critical to be able to function effectively in any type of setting. Here are three tips that can keep you productive, no matter where you happen to set up shop:

Create a separation: If you’re trying to get work done in high-traffic areas, you’ve already sabotaged yourself. If you know you have kids and a spouse who like to use the kitchen as the hub of their activities, don’t expect to get much done in there. Find a place where distractions will be minimal.

Set boundaries: This is actually a good idea whether there are others in your workspace or not. Clearly set the expectation for anybody else who will be in your environment that you need to work, and adhere to those guidelines yourself. That means that they shouldn’t have wild parties during working hours, and you shouldn’t take a four hour nap in the middle of the day, just because you can.

Consider getting out of the house: Many major cities have office share programs. After incorporating your business, it could be worth looking into shared workspaces where you can have the structure of an office setting with the freedom to come and go as you please.