Document Retrieval FAQs

Certified copies, like the good standing certificates, can serve as proof of existence of a company and may be requested for a variety of reasons.
  • Foreign Qualification - Many states will require a certified copy from the state of incorporation as a supporting document when filing the qualification.
  • Opening a bank account – Some banks prefer to have an official “certified” copy of the company’s formation documents before opening an account. Requirements will vary by bank. CorpCo recommends that you contact your bank of choice to determine their requirements before ordering any documents.
  • Replacement of original formation document – Lost your company’s Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation? You can obtain a certified copy of the filing to keep with your corporate records.
  • Proof of filing to be used in conjunction with another filing – In some states, the certified copy of subsequent filings such as name change amendments, or merger filings from the state of incorporation is required in order to confirm the change in the state of foreign registration.
Yes. As long as the company is in good standing in the state where the certificate is being requested, CorpCo can obtain the good standing or certificate of existence for any company of record in any US State as well as from the District of Columbia.
The time it takes to obtain the Certificate of Good Standing varies by state. Usually, with routine processing service, the good standing can be obtained in 5-7 business days, but turnaround times may vary depending on the processing backlog at the state. This turnaround time can be reduced if you choose our Express Processing service.
A certificate of fact is a document that is issued by the state where a business formed or registered and which can reflect a variety of different “facts” regarding that company’s existence in the given state. Examples of facts included in such a document are: registered agent name and/or address, original date of registration, date of dissolution, date of merger filing, and name change information.
Good standing certificates can be requested for a number of different reasons. The purpose of the good standing certificate is to serve as proof that a company exists and is current in the state of registration. Below are some reasons why good standings may be requested:
  • Foreign Qualification – Many states will require a good standing certificate from the state of incorporation as a supporting document when filing the qualification.
  • Loan Approval – A good standing certificate may be required by a lending bank in order to complete a loan transaction with an incorporated business.
  • Real Estate Settlement – A good standing certificate is usually required in relation to any real estate purchase made by an incorporated business.
  • Contracts/Agreements – Some contracts/agreements between the company and another business or with a government agency may require a certificate of good standing from each business entering into the contract/agreement.