Delaware launches new incorporation site

November 20, 2013

When it comes to incorporation-friendly states, Delaware remains the nation's standard. The state is the legal home of over one million businesses, including a staggering 64 percent of the Fortune 500. It has made long-standing efforts to be at the forefront of corporate law, adapting seamlessly to shifting financial landscapes and legal environments by making adjustments to its corporate code and increasing the power of the Court of Chancery.

Now, it has a brand new website to detail those efforts.

The new site is particularly international-friendly, a nod to the many global companies that take advantage of the benefits of incorporating in Delaware. All of the information is presented in 10 different languages. In an event to kick off the initiative, Governor Jack Markell made it clear that the inclusiveness was by design. 

"The website is an important tool that will help the state of Delaware communicate and market to an ever-expanding international audience about the benefits of incorporating in Delaware," said Markell.

Part of the credit for the site's genesis goes to Leo E. Strine, chief judge of the Delaware Chancery Court. Strine said that Harvard Law School, where he teaches, has a forum where members can post developments in corporate law. The success of these discussions led him to believe that there was an opportunity for a similar program for Delaware.

The site also works to dispel myths, such as the notion that Delaware functions as an onshore tax haven. In reality, corporations formed in Delaware are subject to the same U.S. tax laws as those registered anywhere else, asserts the site. 

If you've ever asked, "why incorporate in Delaware?," this new website is a fine source of valuable information.