Delaware conference brings together influential business minds

December 16, 2013

Whether you're planning on incorporating a business in Delaware or are just interested in issues of corporate law, the recent "Delaware Law Issues" conference had a wealth of information. 

The inaugural program, held at the University of Delaware's Laird campus, featured some of the most important minds in corporate governance. Featured speakers included justices from the state's Supreme Court (Myron Steel and Jack Jacobs), and members of the Court of Chancery (chancellor Leo Strine Jr. and vice chancellors Travis Laster and Sam Glasscock III). 

The event placed a unique emphasis on giving practical advice that could help a person looking to incorporate in Delaware. Six panels used case law to illustrate tangible steps that people can use to avoid litigation and approach tricky situations.

In a keynote address, Charles Elson, the Edgar S. Woolard Jr. Chair in Corporate Governance and director of the Weinberg Center, ran down the state's impressive legal history, and explained how it came to be the gold standard in incorporation.

"Most organizations used to be incorporated in New York because it was a financial capital center," said Elson. "But then came the progressives of the trust era, who changed New York corporate law which was then viewed as less favorable to corporate interests. Eventually corporations moved south to Delaware."

Instead of local interests attempting to dominate the law, Elson went on to explain, the environment in Delaware was one of fairness, not just for the people opening companies but also for the investors. 

That intelligent and thoughtful analysis of business issues persists to this day. The judges have significant corporate experience and therefore understand firsthand the nature of the issues they are deliberating. For any entrepreneur looking for a home for his or her company, incorporating in Delaware remains a strong choice.