Delaware business community eyes stronger ties with India

January 06, 2015

Despite its self-billing as the "Small Wonder," Delaware is proving more and more to be a premiere destination for both domestic and foreign businesses. To that end, Governor Jack Markell recently invited dozens of state business leaders to a breakfast reception to meet and speak with Ambassador Dr. S. Jaishankar about the future of economic ties between India and Delaware.

According to a press release issued by the Delaware state government, in attendance at the meeting, organized by the World Trade Center Delaware and Delaware Economic Development Office, were high-profile representatives such as the CFO and COO of Bloom Energy, deputy executive director of the Diamond State Port Corporation and global strategic planning director of DuPont. These corporate leaders were on hand to discuss how Delaware can continue to prove to be a prime location for not only American businesses but Indian companies looking to expand and partner with them — a relationship that, as Governor Markell pointed out, can be mutually beneficial.

"In the new economy, giving Delaware businesses the opportunity to serve customers around the world and attracting foreign investment are major factors in creating jobs and economic opportunity for Delawareans," Markell told the forum. "We are proud to already have many connections with India and we appreciate the opportunity to engage with American companies founded by people from India as well as Delaware companies looking to create customers in India."

Similarly, Ambassador Jaishankar expressed his country's forward-looking goals of streamlining tax systems and foreign investment limits to help foster new business relationships between India and Delaware, opening up a market with a "China-level demand" that Delaware businesses can aim to capitalize on.

Delaware's business tax laws already make the First State a prime location for incorporating your business. Now, rising entrepreneurs can also look forward to even greater economic activity to take advantage of and help cultivate their dreams into full-fledged companies.