Are you facing a major challenge? It could be just what you need to start a business

August 27, 2014

If starting a business is a dream of yours, you may be wondering how to come up with an idea. A strong business idea that you are passionate about is an essential component of creating a business that lasts. If you know you want to own your own business, but are unsure of where to start, all it might take is a look at your life situation to come up with an idea you can run with.

For example, Allison O’Kelly runs a $16 million company out of her own living room. O’Kelly’s story is detailed in an Inc. article that discusses how the entrepreneur got the idea for her staffing company after facing the challenge of being a working mom. Before starting her own business, O’Kelly had been working at Toys “R” Us. She had to find a better way to balance her life as both a mother and a business person.

Out of this challenging situation, the idea for Mom Corps was created. The goal of the company is to allow O’Kelly to work from home, allowing her to spend more time with her children. Additionally, help other mothers find opportunities to work from home so they can do the same.

O’Kelly saw that there was a great opportunity in the midst of a major challenge. Because many other working mothers shared a similar challenge, she was able to create a successful business to help them achieve their goals as well.

Take a look at your own challenges — you just might find a niche that could turn into a successful business. An online incorporation services company can answer any questions you have about the important step of incorporating your business.