3 tips for young startup founders

March 18, 2015

You’re young, talented, full of ambition and you plan on taking the entrepreneurial world by storm. Of course, you’re not quite sure where to begin but you’ve seen other young business owners do it, so why not get started, right? Wrong. As common as young entrepreneurs are becoming, there are many more stories of failure than of success. Make sure you’re not one of the forgotten many by doing your homework before jumping head first into business creation.

Here are three tips all new startup founders should consider:

Expect the most

If you truly want to be a successful business starter make sure you are holding yourself to the highest standards. Expect the best from yourself and those around you. You should aspire to do more than well enough when creating a startup. Look into the future, envision your success and make sure you pour your passion and ambition into achieving your dream.

Learn from your mistakes

You will make mistakes, no doubt, but the difference between success and failure is the ability to learn from errors. Every flaw in your strategy tells you something about you and your business, so don’t ignore the messages. When you make a mistake, buckle down and fix things.

Use your social media savviness

If there is one advantage this generation of entrepreneurs has over the last, it is familiarity with social media. According to the Boston Consulting Group’s 2011 report, millennials are nearly three times more likely to become early adaptors of technology than older generations. Approximately 60 percent produce and upload online content, compared to only 20 percent of non-millennials. Technology is the bedrock of many modern day startups. Use this to your advantage whenever possible.

It is also important for new entrepreneurs to be aware of the legal side of business running. Understand how to incorporate your company and why you should use registered agent services early on in the process to ensure long-term success.

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