3 reasons to start a business

March 12, 2015

There are many reasons you should consider starting a business. The changing economy has forced many people to start thinking out of the box as far as their careers are concerned. According to Business Insider’s Infographic, The State of U.S. Small Businesses, there are over 28 million small business in the United States, accounting for over 22 million self-employed individuals.

The economy is not the only reason to consider opening your own business:

You are looking for independence: If the constraints of your past positions were always bringing you down, entrepreneurship might be your cup of tea. Not every self-started business will allow for independence and flexible work schedules. For example, Venture-based startups require a lot of work and accountability. However, there are still many options for those looking to truly be their own boss. Online companies and lifestyle firms, in particular, are excellent choices.

You want to learn: Holding down a job for five or 10 years can sometimes mean reaching a learning plateau. As an entrepreneur, you will fulfill a number of responsibilities across a variety of roles. Some examples include design, sales, recruiting, accounting, SEO, etc. For some time you will be your sole employee, giving you the perfect opportunity to wear as many hats as possible and stretch your learning wings.

You want to lead: Leadership is an excellent skill to develop, both personally and as a professional. Business owners should develop and display effective leadership ability.

If you are thinking about starting a new business this year it is important to remember to get in touch with a company that offers registered agent services and think about incorporating your new company. Contact CorpCo for a referral or with any questions about the incorporation process itself.  We are here to help!