Once the formation document or foreign registration documents have been filed with the state the details of that company become part of that state’s permanent record. In order to make any changes to the details of the company, it will be necessary to file another document which will make effective those changes. The document that changes a company’s original information is called an amendment.

CorpCo can assist in the amendment preparation and filing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I file the amendment now, but make it effective sometime in the future?

  • Many states will allow a future effective date up to 90 days from the date of filing submission.  To be certain about the allowance for your state, please contact us.

I already filed an amendment in my state of incorporation/formation. What is required in the other states where my company is registered?

Again, the requirements may vary from state to state.  Many states will simply require a filing to be submitted.  Other states may request an official copy of the amendment on file in the state of incorporation or other supporting documents to be filed in conjunction with their amendment filing.  CorpCo can assist with amendment filings in all 50 states as well as DC.  For more information contact us

What type of information must be changed with an amendment filing?

The information to be changed can vary from state to state.  However, listed below are some of the more common changes which may result in the requirement to file an amendment document with the State:

Company Name
Authorized Stock
Issued Stock (if reported on the initial filing)
Registered Agent
Principal Office Address (business address)
Business Purpose

What is a Certificate RE: Name Change?

If the name of a company has been changed, many states will provide a certificate that references both the old and the new name of the company.  This is sometimes requested as a supporting document for the amendment filing in foreign registration states.