What is a corporate seal?

A corporate seal is used to authenticate your company documents.  They come in two variations.  The first variation is an embosser, which creates a 3-D impression on paper. The second type is an inked stamp.  Both variations include the company’s name, incorporation year, and the state in which the company was incorporated.  When company documents are signed the stamp is affixed near the signatures on the document.  Therefore, it is used on a variety of corporate documents (e.g. contracts, agreements, minutes of meetings, etc.).

Corporate Seal embosser with storage pouch.
Hand Press Seal (Embosser)
Ink Stamp with corporate seal impression.
Corporate Seal – Ink Stamp


Where can I get a corporate seal?

A seal is included in every corporate kit order. You can order a corporate kit from CorpCo through our online order form, or visit our corporate kit page for more information.  If you do not need the entire corporate kit, you can contact us to order a seal as a standalone item.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a corporate seal?

While the corporate seal is not generally a requirement, it can be used to stamp or emboss company documents and certificates to clearly show company approval of a document’s or certificate’s issuance. Examples of documents that can be stamped with a corporate seal include:

  • Stock/interest certificates
  • Minutes from company meetings
  • Resolutions
  • Company contracts, agreements, and bills of sale
  • Other corporate documents